He falls asleep

The Unfolding Text - Episode 11

When he awakens it is night.

Nothing had disturbed his rest. The smashed windscreen of the car has let in the cold air though and he is shivering now.

The forest on either side of the road is now a black wall, and yellow fog has rolled in, drifting in spiralling tendrils and thicker clumps past the car, continuing on down the slight slope of the road into the stygian darkness below.

It feels as though he is the only living thing in the world.

Despite the possible risks given the state of the automobile, he turns on the ignition - the key is still in it - and then tries to turn on the car air conditioning, dialling the knob all the way to maximum heat.

  1. The heater works, but the hot air is all escaping out the shattered windows.
  2. A roar echoes from the forest to his left.
  3. He hears and feel a THUMP as something BIG and HEAVY lands on the crumpled roof of the car!
  4. The heater fades into silence, and the car's other systems shut down too. The battery is flat.
  5. The fog gets thicker.

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7/24/2016 6:50:18 AM

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