Eyes Without A Face

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1162

There is a dark bundle, vaguely man shaped, clawing and scrabbling out from under the back of the car, up over the back window of the vehicle and on to the road.

He watches awe struck in disbelieving horror as he sees the figure better, and sees...

Well one would have to concede the torn and mangled horror at the front of the figure's skull was a face, if only because it had the representative attributes of a face.

Gore slid off in lumps from this... face, lidless bloodshot blue eyes stared out of a lacerated red mess; nostril holes leaking noiseome fluid and spurting blood were below the two mad orbs. Below the noseless holes was the rictus grin of partly broken teeth, naked to the air. The flesh of the lips and surrounding cheeks was gone also, hanging in tendrils of goo along the living wreck's jawline.

His world lurched again as he heard the figure gurgle into speech...

  1. "Hey mister! Can I get a ride? Mister! Hey mister! Can I get a ride?"
  2. "Never... More..."
  3. You... You did this to me...

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