A bad situation

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1185

While the man looks on at the wobbling eggs, a great tremor shakes the nest, as if it was hit by an explosion. The man stumbles, struggling to stay upright on the cluttered mess of branches.

After regaining his balance, the man is overtaken by a warm, humid gust of air on the back of his neck. He turns; his jaw goes slack as he sees a massive bird looming behind him, breathing down his neck through a slender black beak!

The bird cocks its head. It looks more like a songbird than any bird of prey- if it weren't the size of a pickup truck, it would almost be cute. It does, however, have a hungry gleam in its eyes, and seems about ready to eat him.

  1. Try to run.
  2. Punch the bird in the eyes!
  3. Attempt to reason with the beast.

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10/21/2016 4:44:48 PM

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