Corridor of Horror

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1205

Muscovy Duck and Globster have already freed theirselves as well. That just leaves Snip and The Interlope.

Muscovy Duck is checking her utility belt as Globster flexes his enormous flabby body.

"Two team mates still to free," Globster says, wetly.

"Hm," Muscovy Duck, garishly costumed avenger of the night, murmurs. "We were all next to each other. But at each end of this corridor is a heavy door." She points at each one in turn. "Energy Science that way, Magnetic Imagining that way. If that isn't the same deliberate typo as in LOST, could be interesting."

"I bet they've got the Interlope in the Energy lab," you say. "Her power of displacement and short range teleport, if they know about it, is something they'd want to test."

The team moves down to the Energy Science door. It's locked. Muscovy Duck gets her lockpick set out of her utility belt. Globster and you stand ready to just smash it down when that doesn't work...

  1. Muscovy Duck gets the door open
  2. You and Globster just smash it down
  3. The door opens while you're standing there
  4. The opposite door opens
  5. There's another prisoner still in their cell

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Muscovy Duck - imagine batwoman only Muscovy Duck colored; Globster - a mass of dead whale blubber; lanafan

8/11/2016 4:49:58 PM

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