Putty In Your Hands

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1212

Examining the bars, you are amazed to discover that the metal of which they were made has transformed into what appears to be putty. Did you do that? Experimentally, you try pushing at a point on the door just below the aperture where the grille had been. Sure enough, the metal starts to turn into putty, for a radius of about as foot around the point of contact. By shifting the point where you are touching the door you are soon able to transform enough of it into putty to escape. It seems that your captors must be unaware of your strange power.

As you are working on the door, you wonder why your metal bikini hasn't transformed. Could there be an insulating layer of putty between it and your skin? The idea is rather icky. But then you realise that the floor beneath your bare feat hasn't altered either. Your strange power must be limited to your hands, like that of the mythical King Midas.

Thinking of Midas makes you realise that your power could be something of a curse if you can't control it. If you eat with cutlery, then you needn't handle your food, but what if the cutlery turns into putty? And what about your love life? "He was putty in my hands" could have an all too literal meaning. What would happen if you wanted to use a computer keyboard or write with a pen? To wash your hands or take a bath or a shower? To put on or take off clothes?

Maybe your power only works on metals? You are outside your cell by now, in a hallway that is currently deserted. Facing the door of your call there is a plastic chair, presumably for the use of a guard.

  1. You touch it, and it transforms to putty. Looks like your power works on everything.
  2. You touch it, but nothing happens. Looks like your power only works on metals.
  3. Before you can try touching the chair, a guard enters the hallway.
  4. Just then, your hand accidentally brushes against your bikini pants. Does the item transform into putty?
  5. Lutte

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