Shiny metal bikini?

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1213

Shiny metal bikini? Who dressed you in that?

Stripping out of the ridiculous metal lingerie you stand naked. Then, maybe it is your normal power or maybe it's a one time deal as some weird side effect of being in this cell, you concentrate your mind and form a new uniform out of thin air.

You are dressed in your classic costume:

  1. Bodysuit and cape
  2. Bodysuit and cape with cowl
  3. Bodysuit
  4. Body Armor
  5. Caped cat suit with cowl and utility belt
  6. A glowing numbus of pure energy
  7. Leaves, vines and flowers
  8. Cat suit
  9. A knight's chainmail, shield and sword
  10. Top, trousers and boots all made out of Unstable Molecules
  11. Strategically places swirling clouds
  12. A taekwondo uniform
  13. Mummy bandages
  14. Noble costume
  15. Nothing - you are covered in fur (animal form)
  16. Nothing - you are covered in fur (wereanimal form)
  17. Special forces uniform

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Jess Ritter

8/1/2016 4:38:51 PM

Extending Enabled

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