Conserving Your Strength

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1232

Tired... hungry... These are important considerations to your current situation. There's no food in here, so the next best thing is to get some rest. Maybe someone will bring you something to eat by the time you wake up. As you lie down on the cold metal floor, you drift off to sleep as you ponder who you are and how you got into this unusual situation.

Later, you are awakened by the sound of an electric hum and the cool breeze of air passing through the edges and grill of the door as an exhaust fan above you spins quickly.

An ill-shaven tough-looking man walks into your restricted field of view. He says, "Wakey wakey. And none of that cloud stuff. We gave you something to wear... but if you don't mind being naked, then I don't mind looking."

I look down at myself and it's true, I'm naked again. The exhaust fan has stripped me of my cloud cover.

  1. What do you want?
  2. Where am I?
  3. Why are you holding me captive?

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8/1/2016 8:09:34 PM

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