Mister C-Biskit

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1252

"I am Mister C-Biskit," the alien armored figure said. The grubby man backed right off.

The armored form was sexless, and huge, moulded with stylised muscles. Its head was that of a knight chesspiece, except eight eyes, four on each side of the sculpted head, had been carved. Alien.

"You are a prisoner of the Gul Gorath, rulers of this sector of space," the figure told me. "Specimens have been collected, with the help of some of your tribes' chieftains, for many years. Now the time has come for us to assess, to plan... AND TO CONQUER!"

The grubby man crooned to himself. "Then ol' Salty, he's gonna be on TOP. ON TOP!"

"SILENCE!" the alien roared. It was all I could do not to take a step back.

I wondered if the head inside the ornate helmet was that of a horse, or something like a horse.

Two more armored aliens arrived, standing just outside the cell. Both wore simpler white armor, but their heads were the same as that of C-Biskit.

"It is time," C-Biskit told me, "for you to help us in our genetic weaponry research. For a short time at least."

"Oh this is the best bit!" the grubby man said. "I love watching this part. Oooh yeah."

The aliens all entered the cell and the grubby man was forced out into the corridor. The alien soldiers stood either side of me, and C-Biskit moved so that he was behind me.

"MARCH!" He commanded me.

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