The Unfolding Text - Episode 1272

As you watch, the chair turns back into your trusty sidekick, Lutte, Girl of Putty. Together with you, Waxwoman, you soften the resolve of the hardest criminals.

Realizing that came off sounding a lot smuttier than it was meant to you stop thinking in double entendres and check in with your sidekick.

"Soon as the Shardmonkeys flew off with you I asked the villagers where'd they take you" she tells you. "They said the Shard itself. I remembered what you taught me so first I turned into a child's ball, then a fake branch in a bunch of firewood, then a lump of fake cow dung on a cart, then a fake suit of armor then finally a chair!"

"I hope no one farted on you in chair form. You got to watch out for that." you tell your loyal ward.

"Nah" she giggles. "No one came back at all once they dumped you here. I just waited it out in case there was a camera or whatever but they don't seem to high tech. Which is weird because the Shard is super high tech looking and some of the Shardmonkeys, the ones with no wings, are wearing overalls with tool belts and whatever. What do you think is going on?"

  1. You tell her you have no idea.
  2. Never let your sidekick think you're incompetent: "I'm still formulating my thoughts."
  3. "I don't know, but we have to get back to the portal Professor Gorilla's machine opened up and get back to our own reality!"
  4. You think it's all part of some cosmic power villain's diabolical scheme.

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