Everyone Knows It's Windy

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1306

The man walks directly under your position. He is armed with some kind of updated version of a MG42, and is dressed in a green baggy uniform equipped with yellow ammo belts and bandoliers. On his head he is wearing a green balaclava and flash goggles. His nose and mouth are exposed, other than that heavy gloves and ski boots covers his hands and feet.

He is still clomping down the corridor towards a set of doors, one of which is the door to your cell.

He came through a door at the end of the corridor, and you can see that just near that door is another door, this one with a small glass window set in it and a sign.

  1. Read the door sign
  2. Try and choke the man by entering his body through his nose and mouth while you are still a cloud
  3. Try and exit through the door the man came through
  4. Sneak up behind him in cloud form
  5. Try and form a lightning bolt to hit the man
  6. Try and make a rain storm to hit the man
  7. Try and turn yourself from water vapor to poison gas
  8. Try and turn yourself from water vapor to acid
  9. See if you can change form any other way like into ice or plasma or back to human
  10. Try and bend dwn and give the man a rainbow: a blast of multi-colored energy

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