Seat 13

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1331

He enters the bus and sits down at the seat assigned to "Mister Charles" - his new identity.

The bus is less than half full and there is room for him to spread out. The inside of the bus is dark, almost pitch black; the windows are smoked to the point of almost being painted black. It would take blazing desert noonday sun to make the interior lighter.

The other passengers are quiet, occupied with their own amusements or eating snacks.

The young tour guide walks down to the seat opposite "Mister Charles" and sits down.

"Did you order the kosher meals? I forget."

  1. Kosher for me.
  2. No, I'm a bacon and shellfish guy.
  3. I forget too! But it's all right, I don't keep kosher.

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8/4/2016 6:39:50 AM

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