The Unfolding Text - Episode 1340

"Oh thank goodness!" the tour guide smiles a lovely smile at you.

"We didn't have any kosher meals in the fridge at the back, and I wondered if that was a screwup by home base or just some sneaky sumbitch stealing your meals! Anyway," she extends one perfectly manicured hand, "I'm Maddie. Your Tour Guide!"

"Very glad to meet you, Maddie. I'm"

"Mister Charles!" she giggles prettily. "Or do you prefer Jalgusz?"

  1. Mister Charles is fine.
  2. Jalgusz.
  3. Jalgusz, but please, just call me.. Jay.
  4. YALGOSH! It is prrrrrOnounced YALGOSH! Sorry, I am very passionate about my heritage!

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8/4/2016 6:48:31 AM

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