The First Doctor and Susan

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1576

The Doctor stalked out of the TARDIS, his astrakhan at a jaunty angle.

"Now my dear," he said to his grand-daughter as she appeared in the warehouse, "Let's see if we can find the component here..."

"Do we need to use local currency? To pay for it?"

"Hm? Oh! No. No no... This station is abandoned in this time zone. Or close to abandoned I am quite sure."

"How long will we stay here before moving on?"

The Doctor looked at the elfin young woman. Young by their race's standards at least.

"We'll find a place to stay soon, you know. I promise you. But first, let's get the componentry for a longer trip..."

  1. The Desert Monster
  2. Sands of Time, Cactus of Destiny

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