"It's him."

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1584

"It's him. Beyond any doubt."

The military head of UNIT, Brigadier Bell, looked over her cup of steaming army tea at her adjutant.

"Are we sure? Through the usual methods?"

"Most of them, ma'am. We have an account of the assumed accident, we have the startling medical reports and we have visual confirmation that an older man and a younger woman... 'companion' were found together and taken together to the Devesham base hospital. Who else would it be?"

"Who indeed..."

Brigadier Bell frowned. "We better get moving pronto. Get on the phone to the civvie side too. Tell the liaison from DSTO she can ride along, but make sure our own scientific advisor is front and centre. Don't want her whining to Geneva that we've shut her out since the Incursion."

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