The Unfolding Text - Episode 1585

The young woman with the ginger hair padded almost silently along the hospital corridor.

The floor was freezing cold under her delicate bare feet and she winced as she stubbed her toes on a rubber and metal strip running across the corridor. It was some sort of covering for wires or cables. Hospital beds and everything else medical and wheeled would no doubt crash over it and go on but her feet had dealt with it the way a sentence dealt with a full stop.

She looked around and moved on. Presently she found what she was looking for.

She calmly and quietly opened the door to what she hoped was a staff room. It was empty other than a single nurse, and fortunately that nurse was apparently asleep, or resting, her dark head cradled in her arms as she sat slumped at a table.

Moving past her, the ginger haired girl found the changing room and entered it. Her luck was holding since the changing room was also empty.

Quickly making selections from the clothes on the bench or in unlocked lockers, she was soon dressed in what she assumed was locally appropriate street wear. She was still in a state of undress under her clothing, but one thing at a time.

With increasing confidence, she left the changing room and walked past the sleeping nurse, who stirred slightly from her snoozing state.

The door to the staff room was already gently closing as the drowsy nurse lifted her head, shrugged, and lowered her head again, returning to her dreams.


Meanwhile, he lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking furiously.

The tiny fragments of disjointed memory stirred in his mind like tea leaves in a cup of boiling water...

A blue box with incongruous writing on the side. A final battle. A cataclysm in fact. Fire, smoke, terrible injuries, just as he had suffered before, only this time, he felt somehow, not as severe. A feeling of triumph, of elation, as his enemy was consumed in fire, both of them on the outside surface of this blue box...

The blue box was the key.

With absolute certainty he now knew that he had to find that box. Inside it was a miniature world of wonders, including the glowing white place-

Zero Room

Yes, that was it! The Zero Room, that he needed to be fully restored.

He suddenly knew or remembered something else. In his current state he was like a jelly starting to set. If he didn't find his way to the Zero Room as soon as he could, he risked being trapped in an inferior, a flawed, form. It might lack the standard organ configuration, it might have inhibited powers, an inferior mind. Unacceptable! Totally, entirely unacceptable!

He had to be whole! He must be whole!

He swivelled his body and climbed out of bed.

With no more warning than a sudden feeling of faintness and a roaring sound in his ears, he lost consciousness and crashed to the floor.

  1. Blue Box
  2. Old Fox
  3. Brigadier Near
  4. Ginger Nut
  5. Black Thoughts
  6. The Beeping Ball

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