The Unfolding Text - Episode 1590

A group of orange-skinned creatures wearing denim overalls are surrounding the car wreck.

They seem to have come in a large battered pickup truck with a crane and hook on the back.

Each of the creatures carries a large tyre lever or crowbar, which they are using to further damage the car wreck. In short order they've smashed all the remaining windows, lights and fittings, leaving a tortured metal shell.

One of the creatures climbs into the pickup and the engine starts with a deep roar. Another unhooks the chains at the back of the pickup and attaches them to the car wreck. A third takes the hook from the crane and places it through empty windshield of the car, smashing it through the dashboard. Then all the creatures climb into the cab or on the back of the pickup and it begins to move off.

  1. Run out into the road to attract their attention
  2. Watch them leave
  3. Hide from them
  4. Hide from them but keep watching
  5. Try and run and hide in the car wreck as they tow it away
  6. What ARE these weird orange humanoids?

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8/26/2016 3:58:05 AM

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