Seven words

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1714

Of all the possible outputs, the astronaut had not quite been expecting that. His face contorted as he tried to come up with explanations. A practical joke, perhaps, by someone back down at mission control? No; they were likely either hiding in bunkers or off on the front line. Truth was, he was on his own. Maybe... an Easter egg, pre-programmed into the system by some code monkey who thought he was funny?

So lost in thought, was the astronaut, that it was several seconds before he noticed a second line had appeared.


The astronaut's mouth hung slightly open. Whatever this was, be it some pointless half-program or something more, it wanted a reply. He considered for a while what to type, but in the end, only one thing made sense...

  1. "Who is this?"
  2. "Nice isn't the way I'd put it."
  3. "/help"

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10/21/2016 5:27:43 PM

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