How Long Can One Man Wait?

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1814

Watching the car explode was a sad day, he wasn't injured but refused the lift, and the female truck driver eventually left him alone with his flaming wreck of a car. It has been many days now since he has seen anything but passing traffic, some have stopped to offer aid but he is content to wait, ignoring all of them.

Forced to forage for food some days, he returns to the scene of the wreck to wait. Sometimes people leave him offerings, a blanket, pillow and something to drink. He has grown a full beard and really needs a wash.

Whatever happens, he will not be moved! Or will he?

  1. A shelter is built near the wreck, and a home for himself, because this is home now.
  2. There is only one thing to do! Sit back in the burned out car, waiting.
  3. He gives up the idea of waiting around forever and hitches a ride with an old man.
  4. He gives up the idea of waiting around forever and hitches a ride with a group of students.
  5. He gives up the idea of waiting and pulls someone out of a passing car to steal one.
  6. The waiter becomes a highwayman declaring this road now his!
  7. The female truck driver comes back and begs him to leave with her.
  8. The police turn up and haul him away to see a psychiatrist.
  9. A tow truck comes to try to take the burned out car from him!

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3/8/2017 9:59:50 AM

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