The Hermit of Steam Road

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1825

A shiny black tow truck, its powerful engine throbbing, coasted to a stop next to the burnt out wreck of a car. Childish flame decorations were painted on the sides of the tow truck, and in bold yellow and red letters "THUNDER TOW".

The driver of the tow truck was a thin dark haired man dressed in oily overalls and a Orioles baseball cap.

The man next to him was enormous, a muscular hulk covered in a layer of fat. He too was dressed in overalls but his were spotlessly clean. His shaggy brown hair and straggly woolly beard made him seem much fiercer than he was.

"That's plainly the wreck," the driver told his companion. "We just have to keep an eye out for this supposed 'hermit' who hides out in the woods round here."

The big man shuddered. "I don't wanna get kilt by no hillbilly, Dougie."

"Be quiet, Stan."

Just the same, before getting out of the cab of the tow truck, the driver, Doug, slid a large wrench out from under his seat.

Just in case.

Stan dropped out of his door on the other side of the cab and stood in the road, sniffing the air nervously.

"Sumpin smells bad round here, Dougie! Real bad!"

  1. Ambush
  2. Tow
  3. Hitchhiking
  4. Stowaway
  5. Stains

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