The Six Foot Rat Is Watching You

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1840

Many years ago at my prom in Celebration, Florida, we got drunk and partied as you do, and ended up leaving the town and invading The Park.

For people not in the know, Celebration is Disneytown. Or was. It's dying now, the Disney nightmare is passing.

But back then Celebration was the Disney company town. By employees for employees.

Anyway we'd had some booze and some weed, and someone suggested we invade the park. It was a pitch black night, and The Park was closed, but enough of our parents had responsible jobs at The Park to know how to get in pretty easy.

Inside some people peeled off to make out or just explore. A group of us, six or so, went down into the tunnel of one of the rides and just wandered around, making ghost noises. Everyone was making noise, so if there'd been just typical security guard rentacops they'd have heard us from miles away.

But still nothing happened and we kept wandering this deserted park. It was OK, but it was getting dull. One of the girls was disgusted when she saw the concessions where food was still sitting there in the warm night, just shut into its glass cubicle but not refrigerated in any way.

We went out the other side of one tunnel and went into another ride and down the slope.

One of the jocks then had the bright idea of climbing off of the walk and ramp and on to the actual display, the diorama where the statues and crap is displayed.

We all heard a whirring noise and then a clank and the unmistakable sound of an elevator.

Next thing you know, we're surrounded by guys in dark suits and white shirts, black ties, all wearing sunglasses (at night) and with earpieces. Later some of us thought maybe the sunglasses were actually nightvision goggles or something. Anything is possible with Disney tech.

Long story short, we all got "taken to safety" by these "safety officers". That meant getting separated by sex and put into a big yellow painted underground concrete room with a bench along one wall and lockers opposite the bench.

Then they called our parents to come and get us.

The next month was hell because every parent of every person involved got interview at work about "safety issues" and some of our folks eventually got fired or moved to the worst jobs in the park.

There is entire world down there under the park. Or really the tunnels are at ground level, the park is built on top of them.

Just remember, wherever you go in Disneyworld...

The Six Foot Rat Is Watching You.

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