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The Unfolding Text - Episode 1891

Zombienomicon Eisegesis Transmedia Project/ Media/Graphic Novel Creator Jonathan Nolan "Zombienomicon Eisegesis is one part choose your own adventure, one part scavenger hunt for the soul of Philip K. Dick and one part WRITE your own adventure. It is an interactive fiction project that uses the "Extend-A-Story" software. The website-based project allows anyone to add a new chapter or comment to any existing page, creating a new work in the process. This turns static writing into "choose your own adventure" interactive events and in the process also irretrievably blurs the arbitrary distinctions between reality and irreality. We are left only with the PKDian definition of reality: reality is what still exists when we cease to believe in it.One of the characters has entered into an Gnostic Universe from where there are only loops and never ends. To facilitate inspiration a slice of the entirety of the project has been turned into a graphic novel, copies of which will be available at the festival, free to the public. More artwork, animations and live action clips are scattered across the internet, awaiting discovery. Here you can write you own story that can be anything from a murder mystery to critiques of the festival films, since people can write whatever they like. Pages will be curated each day of the festival so new content will be added. Jonathan Nolan will supervise content to insure there is no sabotage.Anything written will remain permanently part of the website. It's a transmedia project, with overt silly stories, PKD fragments, false biographies of PKDs from other universes. The severed head of the PKD robot and its possible location is the ultimate prize but someone would have to pretty much read the whole site then decrypt clues to get the answer.

  1. Princess Owl Moon
  2. The Men In Black
  3. Point Pleasant
  4. The Great Red Spot Space Ark
  5. The Solution To the Origin Of The Toynbee Tiles

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