Zombienomicon (R): FATHER OF BATS

The Unfolding Text - Episode 1905


GAMEMASTER Welcome! If you’re here it’s because you’ve seen our advert and you want the ultimate treasure we offer as your reward for entering the Manatee Mansion! It’s stood as you see it now, slowly decaying, since 1834. Exactly one hundred years after its construction the first group to try and explore its mysteries met their grisly fate, and began the legend of the Father of Bats!

Now it’s your turn.

Simply enter through the front door, and explore the house. There is only one exit, and until you find it you will be trapped!

DAPHNE Is that legal?

GAMEMASTER You all signed your waivers. It’s legal. (sotto voce) Not that it matters anyway…

MR. 89 Do we go in all together or one at a time?

GAMEMASTER Makes no difference to me, or the house.

MR. 89 What do you get out of this, Gamemaster? Fun? Do you film it all and sell it? What?

GAMEMASTER Sooner or later somebody’s going to get the Father of Bats and either kill it or drive it out. Once it’s gone, my employers intend to completely renovate Manatee Mansion. They’ve got big plans for it.


GAMEMASTER One last thing. You’ll most likely meet other living beings inside the house. They’re as real as you are. They aren’t actors, there is nothing illusory about them. You can hurt them or kill them. And they can hurt or kill you!

Good luck, and watch out for the Father of Bats!

The contestants enter the house. The door shuts behind them.

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Father of Bats

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