Interview with The Creature

The Unfolding Text - Episode 22

He stood in the middle of the room.

Under the bright light his pale yellow skin was stretched like a lampshade over his muscles and bones. His full height of 8 feet -two and a half metres- made him seem to fill the whole of the available space.

His smell was that of old earth and old sheepskins, unpleasant but not overpowering.

Milky yellow eyes regarded me with calm contempt from within their sunken sockets.

"You do not recoil in horror from me."

"People of my era are not so close minded as the people of your time. We have grown up surrounded by science and medicine and the wonders they achieve. Your appearance makes us feel sympathy and curiosity, not fear or hatred."

"Perhaps. Or perhaps people of your time have grown up with mass murder and endless violence and so have become immune to grue."

"Perhaps," I admitted. "But I have to ask you- when last we hard of you, you had left the ship in the Sea of Ice to go further northwards, and ultimately to immolate yourself. Why..."

"Why did I not keep my word?"

The Creature was still outwardly calm... But I knew its nature was not calm. Under its poise was rage, and hatred, and extreme violence.

It belonged in my time. More so than I.

  1. "I did not keep my word," The Creature admitted.
  2. "I realised that to immolate myself was to destroy a masterpiece, however flawed."

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