The Unfolding Text - Episode 290

Your self inventory doesn't take very long, as you discover that you are suffering from amnesia. You don't know your name or anything about yourself.You can see that you are female, young and attractive, with an athletic yet shapely body. Bizarrely, all that you are wearing is a shiny metal bikini. Though it is surprisingly comfortable (perhaps there is a lining on the inside?), it doesn't strike you as the most practical of outfits. Your head hurts, making you suspect that the cause of your amnesia was a blow to the head.

You wonder why you are in a cell. Surely you can't be a criminal? The cell door has a grille at eye level. "Hey, let me out!" you shout through it.

  1. There is no response.
  2. An ill-shaven tough-looking man walks into your restricted field of view. "So you're awake, huh?" he says.
  3. You have been tugging on the bars of the grille, and to your surprise you realise that you have bent them.
  4. Shiny metal bikini?

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7/27/2016 12:08:34 PM

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