The Unfolding Text - Episode 3

Clambering out of the car wreck, he first stands next to the vehicle, marvelling again at the sheer amount of damage it's suffered.

Each side of the road is a wall of trees, straight trunks clad in thick foliage making an uninviting wall of green, the wind whispering through their branches.

Overhead a weak yellow sun is giving cold light in a pale blue cloudless sky.

He climbs on top of the automobile in the hopes of seeing further, anticipating failure.

There is no more information forthcoming from his higher vantage point other than, he notes, the road slopes gently downwards.

With no other orientation available, he has the "directions" of up the gently inclining road, down the road, left into the tree line or right into the other tree line. Or perhaps he can just stay in the car and await rescue?

  1. Wait in the car.
  2. Left into the trees!
  3. Right into the trees!
  4. Down the road.
  5. Up the road.
  6. Call out - maybe someone will hear?
  7. He looks down at the road
  8. He heads off to the Between Inn

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