Old Man

The Unfolding Text - Episode 310

He walked up behind an old man.

The man wheeled round in a state of great surprise.


"Sorry to startle you. I'm lost. I woke up in a car wreck and..."

"A car wreck? Sorry to hear it. That sure does seem to happen a lot of folks around here!"

"I don't even know where I am!"

"Must have hit your head pretty hard in the wreck, huh.
Well, a long way up the road there's the town of Morrow. Little place but it's got some amenities. This way there isn't much except the Tillinghast Lab off in the woods, and eventually if you hike for a few days the Mountain Pass."

  1. "You look very familiar..."
  2. "Waitaminit! You're STAN LEE!"
  3. Up the road
  4. Down the road
  5. Left into the trees
  6. Right into the trees
  7. Sit and cry
  8. He thanks the old man and keeps walking down the road
  9. He thanks the old man and walks back up the road
  10. "Is there a lot of traffic along here? Maybe I could hitch hike..."

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