The Luchador

The Unfolding Text - Episode 311

Turning back towards the wreck he sees a musclebound luchador on a motorcycle. The man has stopped the bike it seems, alongside the car.

"Hey, what's going on here?" the luchador asks. "My motorcycle just cut out on me. It's dead."

"I don't know," the man replied. "I woke up behind the wheel of that car, with no idea how I came to be here. I remember my life before this, but just this specific incident, no memories."

"Well I don't have amnesia," the luchador said. "I rode here straight from my 'For The Mask' fight in New York City. I'm heading for Morrow. Gonna take some time off, get myself spiritually right again."

"Morrow? That's a town here?"

"Sure. We're in upstate New York, buddy. Anyway, I'm El Temerario, 'The Daredevil'."

The wrestler is dressed in red-blue tights and mask, with the colors split down the middle so that one side is red and the other blue.

  1. El Temerario and the man team up to find out what going on.
  2. The two men go their separate ways.

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8/8/2016 1:38:10 PM

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