Endless Perspectives

The Unfolding Text - Episode 38

...eyes open:

He could not believe his luck, or even the sight greeting his eyes.

Moments ago, he seemed to be dying in the wreckage of an automobile in the aftermath of some kind of accident that he couldn't recall at the moment. He allowed the darkness to overcome him after it became apparent that nobody was coming to save him.

The darkness has taken him to a room, ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Teal couches lined the room, and there was a box of food in one corner. A seemingly inaccessible spiral staircase, off to the opposite side of the room where he stood, plunged through the ceiling and floor.

After what seemed to be an eternity, he began to talk out loud to himself: "Loneliness can't be all bad," he told himself.

And this would be the first time, and clearly not the 978,694th time, he has told himself that.

  1. "I bet this would be fun if I had been an only child!"
  2. Look up the staircase, and try to guess how he got here.
  3. Look down the staircase, and ponder how to get out.

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