The Man Who Wasn't There...

The Unfolding Text - Episode 386

Phil was already on first name terms with the cafe staff. This quest, this exploration, this Gedankenexperiment had borne fruit already. Strange fruit.

Phil shared the typical westerner's misunderstanding of Tibetan 'Buddhism' and its precepts.

In particular, although erudite in conventional avant garde ways, Phil had put his trust in secondhand sources when it came to what many think of as the concept of the "tulpa".

Even authorites like John Keel who should have known better, having actually travelled to the faroff Himalyas unlike so many armchair experts, still retailed the myth that the "tulpa" was a term common in Tibetan Buddhism and that it referred to a thought construct that became, albeit temporarily, physically "real".

In fact, like so many other Tibetanistic fables, it was a straight fiction from Theosophy, that pernicious branch of modern neo-ur-Luciferianism that had done so much harm to free thought.

None of that would ever impinge on Phil's thinking and his bliss, though ignorant bliss was complete.

Through some odd form of Campbellian psionics or will-actuated magic, Phil had he believed called into existence a physical tulpa of The Man.

He sat and he thought hard, focused his will again and again in Disneyland, which despite its tawdry aspects for him remained as wondrous and filled with childlike splendors of the imagination as the magic that dinosaurs enduringly provided to Ray Bradbury and Ray Harryhausen.

Phil finished his drink and let out a long sigh. A spiderweb of mild pain had settled on his skull; another on his chest.

The pain felt minor when compared to the euphoria of his success.

Casually, as if trying not to scare a skittish and exotic wild animal in its native jungle, Phil leaned sideways slightly and looked to his left, moving only his eyes.

Dead people can't do what I've just done, he thought to himself. When you're dead, your eyes still work until they rot, but they're fixed ahead like mounted cameras. You have to look at whatever's in front of your eyes without blinking or moving.

He kept looking sideways-

-and there he was.

The Man.

Walt Disney.

In the flesh.

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