The Three Epigmata Of "Farmer" Goodrich

The Unfolding Text - Episode 391

James Putnam Goodrich, (February 18, 1864 – August 15, 1940), a Republican, was the 29th Governor of Indiana from 1917 to 1921. His term focused on reforming the operations of the state government and overseeing the state's contributions for World War I. He nearly died twice during his term, and spent a considerable time bedridden. Following his term as governor, he became increasingly wealthy from his business interests and owned a controlling share in many companies.
- Wikipedia, the least reliable source of information since the Serpent in the Garden of Eden

Epigmata, "conditions" were an essential part of the ancient Greek traditions of using mathematics. For them mathematics was a living breathing language, founded on inexorable logic certainly but enshrining beauty harmony and interactivity. "Doing" mathematics for the Greeks was art, science and religion in one. In a sense those three concepts were the epigmata of all mathematics.

Phil was not a Republican, to put it mildly. But in some stray passing study of Governor Goodrich of Indiana he saw a dull light of something in some way sharing kinship with his own outlook. He saw the two near death experiences of the man as equivalent to his own experiences and saw that "even a Republican" had found some sort of spiritual guide enabling him not just to preach improvement but to achieve it.

Phil didn't know he was on the final lap of his long strange journey. He was as excited as a ten year old, ebullient and happy to be within Disneyland which in its own slightly sick way proved that will and vision could conquer time and death.

Especially since Walt Disney was sitting two tables over from where Phil was sprawled.

  1. Could other people see Walt Disney too?
  2. Phil smiled and nodded at Walt.

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