Cheshire A Deux

The Unfolding Text - Episode 398

Phil smiled a sickly smile, unsure of whether Walt was angry or simply being a kindly disciplinarian. He made a mental vow to do some proper research on the man.

While Phil watched, Walt's face relaxed, he sat back in his chair and quickly but gently faded out of existence.

Everyone else had already turned away so Phil was the sole witness to the departure.

He continued to sit there fathoms deep in a dark ocean of thought. He nearly jumped out of his skin when the young black waitress came round to see if he wanted anything else.

  1. A discussion with a friend
  2. "But it couldn't be Walt Disney. For lots of reasons."
  3. A skeptic and a saint
  4. Emanation

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7/23/2016 7:03:16 AM

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