Trafalgar Beam

The Unfolding Text - Episode 399

Phil was back in his little apartment, hosting his old close friend Trafalgar Beam.

Trafalgar was an artist, a writer and... a mensch. He was also the only one to whom Phil had confided any part of his tulpa obsession.

"Christ Phil, that whole great slab of cash, cash that could have bought you a nice little mansion with a swimming pool and some young ladies to swim in it with you, could have got you out of here-"

"Those things don't matter to me. I had a sacred calling. And I obeyed it."

"The Disneyland thing."

"Well you call it that, and make a big deal out of how much money a laminated card with the Six Foot Rat on it set me back."

"You're getting your money's worth at least. Still going every day?"

"Not so much now. Couple times a week."

"What for? We never got around to that bit. Did that- that emanation or the holy ghost or whichever, did she put you up to this?"

"No. I haven't heard a word out of her for years. But then there's been no real crisis in my life for years so what would she have to say?"

"If she was worth a damn she'd have told you to invest your money and spend some of the interest! Christ, Phil! Disneyland!"

"You love it as much as I do," Phil replied serenely. "I know you do. You're not like our old friend Lazarus Piven."

Both of them knew Lazarus Piven well, from when they were all youngsters. He'd been a supercilious charmless on the make troll as a child; his maturation process had been that of a monster rather than a man.

"There has to be room in this world for talking mice," Trafalgar admitted. "Any sane man can see that much."

Phil looked closely at his old friend. "If I tell you what I am up to at Disneyland, you have to-HAVE TO swear not to tell a soul on this Earth. Until after I am dead and gone."

"Sure OK."

"Swear it on the Bible. Or on a copy of Stranger In A Strange Land."

"Christ fine fine OK sure. I solemnly swear. What are you doing down there, chatting up the co-eds?"

"Trafalgar, do you know what a tulpa is? What it means?"

"Whoah here we go. No, I have no idea. Nada."

"A tulpa is a thought form that becomes real, takes on physical life in all respects, perhaps only for a limited time. When it goes away it pops like a soap bubble as though it had never been real."

"Well Christ, it never was real, was it? Hypnosis, delusion. Like in my story."

Long before Phil had finally claimed success in Hollywood Trafalgar had sold rights to his short story "First Thing In The Morning" to indie director James Cabinetmaker. The result had been a film some American critics called 'the finest communist propaganda picture ever made'.

"This isn't illuminati and hypnosis and eight eyed reptilian overlords, Traf. This is Fortean."

"What, hypnotic lizardmen aren't Fortean?"

"Archons? Sure. But this is something well known in the Far East. Now it's happening in Anaheim. There could be something significant, something larger, emerging in this. Even if I can't see the plan, or what it signifies, I can have faith that a higher power is taking the elements that exist in Disneyland, and using them for a higher end."

"Phil- please, for the love of God- the bottom line. Please."

"I have through force of will and repetitive ritual brought into existence a tulpa of Walt Disney."

"The what now?"

"Walt Disney visits me at the cafe in Disneyland. He sits near me at his own table. People see him, react to him."

"Don't his relatives come storming down there? What about all the cameras. People would recognize him! HIM! THERE! It would happen, they'd make him for who he is and it would be pandemonium!"

"I think minds are occluded to his presence on one level, although his physical presence is tangible. Either that, or at some point he will emerge to a new level of existence, our level-with results I can't foresee."

"Well if any of those poor bastard cartoonists he ripped off are still around they'll sure know what do."

"Remember when we were kids, we didn't just think, we KNEW he drew all the pictures himself? No helpers?"

"I'm ashamed to admit it but yes."

"We've grown older but on some level you and I still accept, in a way men like Lazarus Piven never could, that there are wonders in the world. No matter how dark a sorcerer Disney was in some ways, what he conjured into existence rarely had a dark side."

Trafalgar Beam made no answer to that.

"You should come with me next time!" Phil was excited again. "Come with me! See him! Talk to him even! You'll see!"

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