The Unfolding Text - Episode 44

Bort and Callisto had each been abducted by giant flying daemons and flown against their will to this tropical island, off the edge of any map even in the satellite mapped age in which they lived.

And yet it seemed providence played its part, at least in Callisto's case.

When the leather winged daemon bat had grabbed her and flown her to this forgotten island she had been investigating the disappearance of her sister Io from the small New York town of Moreau. The Sheriff had been little help, she too had been baffled by the only reports from the time of the disappearance, reports about a huge fly-man haunting the area...

Since being dropped on to the beach here, both Bort and Callisto had seen these insectoid creatures. It seemed possible to Callisto that her lost sister was here, somewhere.

This red fortress seemed as good a place as any to begin the intensive search.

And with a brawny hulking fighter like Bort at her side, her job was at least twice as easy...

  1. A secret door
  2. A hidden hatch
  3. No way in
  4. Climbing the sheer wall
  5. Archers!
  6. Skulls!
  7. Guardian Wyrm
  8. The Riddle Of Entry

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