Over the wall

The Unfolding Text - Episode 443

With slight effort, and a twinge in his back that did not bode well, the Doctor scrambled up and over the Georgian wall surrounding the property and dropped fairly lightly on the grass inside the enclosure.

He had not up until this point made any particular effort at being stealthy which was undoubtedly one likely reason why, as soon as he had landed, he was set upon by five unarmed monks, each wrapped in Tibetan Buddhist Red Hat robes and ceremonial headgear.

"Look here, I'm not an intruder, I'm a close personal friend of the-"

-at that point the first monk's fist collided with his shoulder-

"Oof." - "Head Lama!"


Jabbing a bony finger into one monk's chest to use Venusian aikijitsu techniques, an essential component of Venusian Aikido, at the same time the Doctor delivered a chop to another monk's neck. As two more monks attempted to grab his arms so as to hold him in place for a haymaker from the last monk, the Doctor flipped both of them. That left him facing off with the final monk, a large fellow who seemed blank of expression but filled with vim none the less.

"Can we discuss this?"

The monk lunged, and the Doctor sighed.

"Of course not."

His remarkable fighting ability applied once more, the Doctor sidestepped the monk's attack and poleaxed him with another open handed strike.

Investigating each of the unconscious men, he saw that they were Westerners, most likely in fact Britishers- products of the great turning away from traditional life that men on the way up suffered along with their executive burning out. Buddhist retreats had become a fashionable alternative to pills, drink and nervous breakdowns.

The Doctor approved of Buddhist meditation thoroughly, but he couldn't see quite how it had led to this sort of thuggishness.He saw though, now noticing it, that each of their otherwise conventional robed garments was decorated with embroidered paired designs of fierce supernatural beings. Depictions of the Niō (仁王) or Kongōrikishi (金剛力士) temple guardians...

Further thought was interrupted.

  1. "Please! Help me!"
  2. Tibetan Mastiffs attack!
  3. A long echoing scream
  4. Explosion!
  5. The dark rift above the mansion house

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