The Invisibles 2

The Unfolding Text - Episode 516

It was once said that the men of the GIA were the wind that stirred and blew away the trash from the gutters.

If so, then the current mystery the Government Intelligence Agency was called upon to solve would require a hurricane of force...

"You guys are too young to get the reference, but those of us with the benefit of an old-fashioned education," Mr. Edwards said, "would be put in mind of the old folk tale about the cave outside the village."

"Sir?" asked Leone. He knew the old man would continue in any case.

"Once upon a time," Edwards went on, "there was a village on the island of Rhodes. And outside the village, on a little hill above where the children played, there was a cave..."

The other man listening, Fremont, nodded in understanding.

"And all around the cave leading into it, enticing the children, were hundreds and hundreds of tracks, tracks of every animal imaginable..." Edwards said. "But there were no tracks leading back out..."

  1. Morrow Valley
  2. The Cave
  3. Toynbee Tiles Teleportation

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