The Unfolding Text - Episode 520

A fat woman in a sari waddles up the road and stops by the car.

"You cannot stop here! This is very irregular! This is a private road and you cannot be here! You must move the car!"

"Please, missus," he says, "I was in car accident. I can't move the car. I am too hurt to do anything at the moment. Will you please get help?"

"I will get the police! You will be punished for this! This is very irregular!"

What a horrible unhelpful woman. Typical.

  1. The woman comes back with constables
  2. The woman argues with him and keeps raising her voice more and more
  3. A crowd of people gather attracted by her shreiking
  4. It begins to pour with rain

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8/8/2016 5:34:45 PM

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