The Unfolding Text - Episode 528

The air is thin, the conditions dank as rain drizzles down into the cold mist rising from the lake near to your left.

Your kayak sits beached, and beyond a thick tangle of thorny scrub is a surprisingly well made road, two lane, sealed and in good condition. Beyond it are misty mountains. Beyond them, one of the roughest and most stormy coastlines on Earth, and somewhere in that shattered landscape of islands is Saint Christopher Island itself.

On Saint Christopher Island may be the answer to one of the great cryptozoological and anthropological mysteries of all time.

  1. Patagonian Giants
  2. The Bloop
  3. Sea Monsters
  4. The Super Otter
  5. The Master Penguin
  6. The Carbuncle
  7. The Devil Fish
  8. The Demon Monkey
  9. Batsquatch
  10. The Thing That Killed Your Family

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8/26/2016 7:16:22 PM

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