Partial Recall

The Unfolding Text - Episode 532

Bug Suede woke up next to his improbably hot blonde wife. Her thin frame and large natural breasts were only accentuated by her peignoir.

Bug nevertheless stumbled out of their bed into the living room, telling the apartment, "News. 24." as he shrugged off his T-Shirt and began his daily exercise routine: Tai Chi, Karate kicks and strikes and some shadow boxing.

His wife Aytolja slinked through, cat-like.

"Come back to bed," she said in seductive low voice. "We have plenty of time before work."

"I can't do that today. I have the appointment, remember."

  1. "Forget the appointment. I need you in bed! NOW!"
  2. An argument ensues
  3. Appointment with the Mindskan Agency
  4. New Job
  5. Being fired sucks.
  6. Aytolja tries harder

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7/24/2016 1:01:04 AM

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