Legend of the Pink Dragon

The Unfolding Text - Episode 565

It is the first morning of your new life and you awaken refreshed.

The time in the village is 0500 hrs.

You spring to your feet, freshly healed and wide awake after a pleasant sleep under the forest canopy just outside the village walls.

The Village Guard has just opened the gates to the village and you can now enter.

  1. Catypus the Pervert
  2. Enter the Village
  3. Pick a Fight with someone else who slept outside the Village
  4. Go into the Forest
  5. Go to the Wise Woman's Hut (outside the village)
  6. Go to Moongrail Castle (outside the village)
  7. Go to the Black Unicorn Tavern (outside the village)
  8. Enter the Forest

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7/24/2016 5:02:03 AM

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