The Village of Shattered Head

The Unfolding Text - Episode 588

Shattered Head takes its name from the enormous ruined lump of odd blood-red rock, once forming the head of a colossal statue, which sits in the middle of the settlement in the middle of the village green, half in and half out of the duck pond. The head is on an angle, making it seem as though a gigantic red giant is rising from the earth, his head down to his bottom lip having already struggled free.

Around the village green are the following buildings:

The Church;

The Training Ground, where your physical and mental trainers, appropriate to your level of expertise, train you each day;

The 'Oak Horse' Tavern;

Dirtlion's Weapon Shoppe;

Canfecto's Magic Shoppe;

Rigbyvok the Dwarf's Smithy;

The Stables and

The Village Guardhouse, where Constable Mirrig lives and works.

  1. Your quest!
  2. Oak Horse Tavern

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