Kill the Pink Dragon!

The Unfolding Text - Episode 596

The forest around the village of Shattered Head is dangerous, to the point of being lethal.

Even just outside the walls of the village itself, death may lie in wait. And occasionally, a bank robber or other desperate villain will take life inside the village, despite the efforts of the Village Guard Constable Mirrig.

But none of that compares to the great force of death and destruction, the entity that keeps all captive in the valley. Some say it is even the orchestrator of all the other monster and villain attacks, a ghastly gamesmaster on an eternal mission of chaos and destruction.

I speak of course about...


This colossal fluorescent pink fire breathing reptilian lurks in a cave deep in the forest, set within a bare rock hillock resembling a huge cracked skull. The eye sockets and nose hole form the Lower Cave Entrance, the Upper Left Entrance and Upper Right Entrance.

So cunning is the beast that it has gradually dug out each of these three caverns, so that each of them leads to an entirely different subterranean network. Choosing the wrong one and going in too deep will simply mean you are lost forever in the underground.

Choosing the right one... Will take you with little effort directly into the lair of the great pink wyrm.

Your quest, your mission in life, is to destroy the Pink Dragon and end its menace FOREVER!

  1. Got it.
  2. That sounds like suicide. No thanks.
  3. I'll set off at once - forget training, outfitting or supplies, they're for sissies!
  4. What next?

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