Oak Horse Tavern

The Unfolding Text - Episode 599

You walk under the sign of the Oak Horse Tavern and in through the door. Immediately the stench of urine, the pungent smell of tobacco and other leaves being burnt and the yeasty smell of beer all hit your nostrils at the same time.

The Tavernkeeper, Khestus Stoutt, nods at you as you make your way inside.

  1. Pay to have someone assassinated (a soul darkening deed!)
  2. Chat up the barmaid
  3. Listen to Htes the Bard
  4. Buy a cheap drink
  5. Buy an expensive drink
  6. Buy a magical drink
  7. Buy a cocktail
  8. Talk to the Tavernkeeper
  9. Explore the cellar
  10. See who else is in the tavern at the moment
  11. Play a tavern game
  12. Play cards with other patrons
  13. Hire a room for the night
  14. Go upstairs, where the girls are (brothel)
  15. Go out the back of the tavern
  16. Search the floor for stuff other people might have dropped
  17. Try and pick someone's pocket
  18. A mysterious stranger walks in, dressed in black head to foot

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