Down the Road, 1

The Unfolding Text - Episode 7

A gas station, a home with a phone, since his cell wasn't working worth a damn... He had to find something.

And why, although he could remember prior to that, could he not recollect anything about how he came to be here and how he was in that car, let alone how he crashed it?

All he could get on his cell phone was some sort of limited internet, full of weird webcomics and adventure games, like those old choose your own adventure books.


  1. He meets an old man
  2. He gives up and turns round back towards the car wreck
  3. He hears a truck approaching
  4. He hears some sort of large animal moving through the forest to his left
  5. It starts to rain
  6. The sun goes down...

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7/23/2016 3:49:18 AM

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