The Case of the Careless Victim

The Unfolding Text - Episode 780

Poirot: (Door opens. Closes.) Mademoiselle?

Clerk: Huh?

Poirot: This is the Cozy Room Apartment Renting Agency?

Clerk: When we got something to rent, yeah.

Poirot: I have the desire to rent an apartment.

Clerk: Who hasn't?

Poirot: Please, mademoiselle, do not jest. Allons, I have with me a brief dossier of my requirements. Please to read it.

Clerk: Well, all right. Gentleman desires a bright suns ... sunshining apartment, of a reasonable quietness, near the heart of the city. Should be furnished with the utmost charm, French provincial if possible. Price is of no consequence, as long as it is very reasonable. Huh. Please communicate with me at the Hotel Windsor. Hercules P-O-I-R-O-T. Poyrot.

Poirot: No, no, no, mademoiselle, the name is Poirot. Hercule Poirot.

Clerk: Well, I wish you luck, Mr. Porroh.

Poirot: Finding an apartment, mademoiselle, is not a matter of luck. It is a matter of employing the little gray cells. If you can find an apartment for me, please do me the kindness to inform me.

Clerk: Sure, if you'll do something for me.

Poirot: And what is that?

Clerk: If you can find an apartment for me, please do me the kindness to inform me!

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