Up the Road Apiece

The Unfolding Text - Episode 8

He begins to make his way up the two lane road, away from the wreckage of the car. Surely there has to be some kind of civilization somewhere around here, right?

Ironically, he doesn't even remember that he is walking in the opposite direction which he was traveling in prior to the accident, which he also cannot recall at the moment.

  1. He walks several miles before finding a sign of life.
  2. He only walks a few meters before discovering a gas station with a repair shop.
  3. He realizes that walking uphill is aggravating another injury that he suffered in the wreck.
  4. He recalls that time that he got stranded on the Dalton Highway in Alaska.
  5. He remembers that other time when he was stranded on a rural road somewhere in Patagonia.
  6. Night quickly falls. This isn't good...

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Ben McClellan

7/24/2016 12:47:11 AM

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