The final airlock

The Unfolding Text - Episode 805

The USN station personnel have dressed you in your armored spacesuit style hard hat wetsuit. You're equipped with tools and weapons.

It's time to go.

You stand at the blast doors. The alarms sound... The doors begin to open...



Someone or something on the other side of the blast doors, in the Concourse leading to the Project Turnpike undersea base, has triggered an explosive!

Tons of water crack and crush the Concourse tunnel. At the far end are the main doors to the undersea base, now rapidly flooding.

Behind you the USN personnel are evacuating or simply vanishing under the flood of freezing cold water from the pitch black trench outside.

You can get through one of the holes in the tunnel into the dark water outside and try and walk along the bottom to the undersea base. There are lots of manually operated air locks along its outer hull. You could enter through one of them...

  1. Try and rescue Navy personnel
  2. Go out into the deep sea trench and try and find a way into the undersea base
  3. Wait where you are until the whole area is completely flooded

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