Cannonball Möbius

The Unfolding Text - Episode 820

The race covers a thousand worlds, some alien, some parallel Earths, some conceptual... All linked by the same Paisley Zoomway, an endless racetrack flowing through each part of the course.

A shimmer of paisley colored energy in a vast hoop like a circular rainbow and the racers flood through, required to race across the local road for the length of that part of the race before surging through the next Zoomway Hoop and on to the next world!

No stopping until a nominated Pit Stop is achieved; no permanent stop at all or the Zoomway retracts from the racer and team forever!

If the vehicle doesn't make contact with the road via wheels, hooves or something else it MUST be at one meter height or less through ground effect or other energy means.

  1. Forest Road Race Section!
  2. Meet the racers!

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