Looking up at a darkening sky

The Unfolding Text - Episode 835

The car radio sputters into life.

"The road is loooo-oo-oonnggggg...

"Oh jesus, not that."

He fishes a smoke packet out of his front pocket. He pulls out a lighter from the opposite pocket. Then he gets out a cigarette, sticks it in his downturned mouth and lights it on fire with the lighter.

The song moans on as the radio sputters.

He takes a long drag on his smoke.

If the last thing I'm gonna hear is that f_cking song, just kill me now."

The radio dies.

Sparks fly out of it as it shorts out and catches on fire.


Now the whole car is an inferno.

He tries to get up and get away.

  1. He can't move. Are his legs paralysed?
  2. He watches it burn.

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8/4/2016 1:37:04 AM

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