The Unfolding Text - Episode 920

He runs off the road towards her voice and hears her running towards his as he answers her.

She runs into view.

She is a bedraggled looking girl in jeans and a frilly top. She has mousy brown hair and glasses, badly fogged from running.

He beckons for her to run back the way he came bakc towards the car wreck.

She follows him, quiet now.

Then she pitches up short.

"What? How?"

She looks back the way she ran through the woods, then back at the car, then back at the woods then at him.

"It isn't possible! Have I run in a circle?"

"What;s going on? You said you'd been abducted?"

"Yes by this fat idiot from my school. But this isnt possible! How?"

"Make sense" he told her.

"Is this your car?"

"I woke up in it. I guess that makes it mine."

"But it isnt I mean... "


"This is his car!

"Can't be. Same model maybe."

"No you don't understand. His car's wreck too thats how I got out. It's a wreck like this one. In fact, it's the same wreck. THIS IS THE SAME CAR!"

  1. ...
  2. They hear someone crashing through the woods towards them from the same direction the girl has run from
  3. Ask for her name

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