Screams and shouts

The Unfolding Text - Episode 926

He walks carefully through the woods toward the sounds. It might be the big mouthed Kendra shrieking at somebody maybe even making a giant todo over being abducted with some local hunters, or a sheriff or anybody!

He keeps walking and stops at the edge of the trees, next to a road pretty much like the one his car wreck is on.

Then he rubs his eyes and looks again.

He must have walked in a circle!

He sees the car wreck he just walked from, sitting there on the road. From where he's standing he is facing the back of the car more than the front.

On the far side of the car a man is standing. He looks pretty beatup.

He#1 notices that there is a woman, dressed in slacks and a turtle neck, creeping up behind the man using the car as cover...

Meanwhile the man is yelling to someone even further away.

"You done yet?"

"NO! Now let me go to the bathroom in peace!"

He#1 sees that the woman in the turtle neck is still creeping up behind the man. He#1 sees that she has a knife in each hand...

  1. He tries to stop the woman
  2. He shouts a warning
  3. He slowly and quietly backs away back into the trees
  4. He runs out into the road to interrupt what's going on
  5. He tries to sneak across the road behind what's going on to get to the woods on the other side

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7/26/2016 7:14:16 PM

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